Raise a Halleljuah

What an amazing time together in the presence of the Lord! Hallejuah!!

The three words on my heart after Prayer in the Park are Hallelujah, Joy, and Peace. As we raise our Hallelujah, God gives us Joy and Peace. Thank you for your prayers, keep it up. Our prayers are a fragrant aroma to God. Thank you for humbling your heart before God, so that He is attentive to our prayers. He is moving all across Waterloo Region and we want more.

Praise Him for what He is doing and keep interceding for more. How is God going to use you to impact the people around you? How is God going to use all of us to impact the Region? We want to see God’s transforming power of new life, freedom, and hope bless everyone in this Region. Hallelujah!

Please share what God is stirring in your heart.