We are looking for Prayer Ambassadors

There will be a Discussion and Prayer Meeting in preparation for Prayer in the Park on Saturday, May 11 from 1-3 at Trinity EMC in Waterloo. We are asking God to lead people to attend this meeting and serve as Prayer Ambassadors during Prayer in the Park.

The Prayer Ambassadors will spread out among the people that attend Prayer in the Park. When it is time to pray during the event, the Ambassadors will draw people together and encourage people to keep praying.

By attending the meeting on May 11, the Ambassadors will have an understanding of how things have been structured and why, so that they can lead among everyone in attendance to help facilitate the prayer.

Please Spend time intentionally praying in preparation for Prayer in the Park and ask God if He is leading you to fast at all during the week before Prayer in the Park or the day of the event.

Please Pray:
~Ask God to draw people together
~Pray that hearts will turn to God
~Pray for an Immersive Experience of God’s presence
~Pray that God will unify us and use us
~Pray that nothing will hinder God’s desires for Waterloo Region
~Pray not our will, but God’s be done as each part does its work

God Bless